Direct Access Motorcycle Training South Wales


With some further training, take your practical test on a larger, more powerful machine

Full Category A

£35 per hour


The qualifying age for Direct Access is 24 years of age. You must have also completed both C.B.T. and the motorcycle theory test. The direct access will allow you to ride any size motorcycle.

The practical motorcycle test is divided into 2 sections.

  1. Module 1 is a series of exercises at a designated DVSA Multipurpose centre. There are only 2 centres covering the whole of South Wales and they are located in Newport and Swansea (Our Llandarcy centre is approximately 15 minutes ride from the Swansea centre).
  2. Module 2 is the practical road riding part of the test. You will be asked a number of questions before the examiner will give you directions on where to ride and assess your riding. There is also an independent riding aspect to the test, where you will be expected to follow road signs to a given location to demonstrate your ability to read and correctly negotiate your route.

We recommend that you deal with the practical mod 1 and 2 as separate hurdles to overcome. It is possible to book both a Mod 1 and Mod 2 test on the same day, however its worth noting that you will not be able to sit the Mod 2 test if you fail the Mod 1 and you will lose your Mod 2 test fee. Our on-road training is conducted with a training ratio of 2 students to one instructor (maximum).

When you successfully pass your direct access test, you will then be able to ride any cc machine with no restriction on your licence.

*Please remember to bring your photo license, (Or current, in-date passport – If you still have paper licence), your CBT certificate and theory pass certificate. No document no test. Also note that the DVSA now operate a suitable clothing policy. You will not be allowed to complete the test if you turn up in Speedos and flip flips! (We can advise if you are unsure on suitable clothing)


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