125cc Training

125cc Training

After passing both CBT and the motorcycle theory test you are then able to take the practical motorcycle test on a 125cc machine. If you are 17 years of age or over you are permitted to take your test on a 125cc machine.
Depending on your riding experience, we recommend a training course that would improve your riding skills to test standard.

We offer an assessment to advise on how much training you would require to give you an excellent chance of passing the practical test.

On average riders who have good experience in off-road riding – such as trials, tracks or enduro – or riders who have been riding regularly since their CBT course on average need approx 3 to 5 hours training to Mod 1 standard.

The average training for Mod 2 is 5 to 10 hours

Riders with less experience may need a bit more training.

Each person is assessed on their own level of ability.

On road training is conducted with a ratio of 2 students per instructor (maximum). Radio communications will be used at all times. During the training you will ride on the test routes of the allotted test centre.

On the day of the test your instructor will meet you an hour before the test, where you will have 1 final lesson, before the examiner takes you out for the practical test (approximately 20 minutes for Mod 1 test or 50 minutes for the Mod 2 test).

Module 1

“Show Me – Tell Me”

Module 2

Having successfully passed the practical test on a 125cc motorcycle  you will now be able to remove your L plates, carry a pillion passenger and ride on motorways. You will need to be 19years of age before  being able to sit Mod 1 and Mod 2 again on the A2 category machines of over 395cc with power output of 33-46 bhp(25-35kw). 

If 33-46 bhp is not enough for you and you are over 24 years of age, have completed both the CBT and motorcycle theory test, then take a look at our Direct Access Scheme Training here.